If you are dealing with an exposed partially or fully impacted tooth, the AMD laser is a technology we offer at Goshgarian Orthodontics to help with this issue. Dr. Ara Goshgarian is experienced in providing treatment using this technology. To learn more about the AMD laser services we provide in Lake Forest and Gurnee, Illinois, give our office a call at 847-295-3370. We are happy and ready to help and to schedule your appointment with the orthodontist.

AMD Laser

The AMD Laser in our office is used to painlessly expose partially or fully impacted teeth. It allows Dr. Ara Goshgarian to place a bracket on this newly exposed tooth in order to speed up the orthodontic treatment. In the past, patients would have been referred to an oral surgeon for a more invasive procedure. Now we are able to remove small areas of soft tissue and expose the tooth in our office.

​This painless procedure has been performed countless times by Dr. Goshgarian. It can speed up the process of certain orthodontic cases. If you would like to find out more about the AMD laser, our team is more than willing to answer any questions that you might have.

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