The Pros and Cons of Traditional Metal Braces

If you or your child needs braces in Gurnee, IL, you probably want to weigh your options. There are many different ways to straighten your teeth, but which one should you choose? Let’s take a quick minute to go over some of the facts about traditional metal braces.

The Pros and Cons of Getting Metal Braces

Let’s first review the pros,and then discuss the cons. Then, you and your orthodontist in Gurnee, IL, can decide whether you want traditional metal braces or something else.


  • Can Correct all Cases of Misaligned Teeth (unlike clear dental aligners)
  • Improved Oral Health
  • Highly Durable
  • Customizable (several types of metal braces available)
  • Most Affordable Orthodontic Treatment
  • No Risk of Loss or Contamination (like there is with dental aligners)
  • Cost (basic traditional metal braces range between $3,000 and $6,000, sometimes more)
  • Traditional Metal Braces Are Usually (but not always) Covered by Your Dental Insurance
  • Don’t Require Much Patient Intervention or Discipline (like clear dental aligners do)


  • Can Be Uncomfortable (until you get used to them)
  • Diet Restrictions (no hard or sticky foods, and no raw vegetables until you get your braces removed)
  • Visually Noticeable (metal brackets and wires will be visible unless you opt for lingual braces where the metal brackets and wires are placed on the backside of your teeth)
  • Require Monthly Follow-Up Visits
  • Require More Frequent Brushing and Oral Hygiene Maintenance
  • Longer Treatment Duration (1-3 years)

Do You Need an Orthodontist in Gurnee, IL?

Getting braces of any kind requires orthodontic services. Please Contact Goshgarian Orthodontics today. We believe in treating all our patients like family. We offer a full suite of orthodontics. Come and see us. Your perfect smile awaits!

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